Wladimir Araujo

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The creation of services on IP networks is a lengthy process. The development time is further increased if this involves the equipment manufacturer adding third-party technology in their product. In this work we describe how the JUNOS SDK (part of Juniper Networks Partner Solution Development Platform) facilitates innovation and can be used to considerably(More)
Though there exists ample support for Design by Contract (DbC) for sequential programs, applying DbC to concurrent programs presents several challenges. In previous work, we extended the Java Modeling Language (JML) with constructs to specify concurrent contracts for Java programs. We present a runtime assertion checker (RAC) for the expanded JML capable of(More)
Design by Contract (DbC) is a software development methodology that focuses on clearly defining the interfaces between components to produce better quality object-oriented software. The idea behind DbC is that a method defines a contract stating the requirements a client needs to fulfill to use it, the precondition, and the properties it ensures after its(More)
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