Wiwat Kiranon

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This paper presents an analog multiplier based on non-inverting (positive type) second generation current conveyor (CCII+). The proposed circuit can perform as a four-quadrant multiplier. The circuit employs only two positive type second generation current conveyors and two n-channel JFET transistors. The circuit does not require any external passive(More)
A low voltage four-quadrant analog multiplier circuit is presented. Based on triode region operation of MOSFET, the multiplier circuit can be simply realized by connecting a pair of PMOS with three flipped voltage follower circuits. As a result, the proposed circuit is compact and can be operated under low voltage supply. Circuit simulation using SPICE with(More)
This paper presents a low cost reduced instruction set computer (RISC) implementation of an intelligent ultra fast charger for a nickel–cadmium (Ni–Cd) battery. The charger employs a genetic algorithm (GA) trained generalized regression neural network (GRNN) as a key to ultra fast charging while avoiding battery damage. The tradeoff between mean square(More)
A noninteracting electronically tunable universal filter is proposed in this paper. The proposed circuit can simultaneously realize highpass, lowpass and bandpass transfer functions without changing the circuit topology. Also, the circuit is implemented by using four CCCIIs with controlled current gain and two grounded capacitors which is suitable for IC(More)
In this paper, an application of CCCII for a building block of a current-mode analog multiplier/divider is proposed. The proposed schematic is realized by employing only CCCIIs as active circuit elements and no requiring any external passive circuit elements. With a proper selection of the applied input currents, the proposed schematic can perform the(More)
This paper presents a current-mode analog multiplier/divider based on current conveyors. The proposed circuit employs only two second-generation current conveyors with controlled current gains (KCCIIs). The circuit is active only; it does not require any external passive element. Then, it is suitable for implementation as integrated circuit. The proposed(More)
This paper presents a technique to extend the linear input voltage range of a sinh mixed translinear cell proposed by Fabre [1]. This technique extends the linear operation range of the circuit by inserting common-anode-connected pairs into the mixed translinear cell. Then the relationship between the output current and the input voltage is developed to be(More)
A new technique has been developed for frequency to voltage converter. This technique, based on a very simple operating principle, comprises a differentiator, two RMS-DC converters, and a divider. The proposed converter provides an accurate output and a linear transfer characteristic. Moreover, its output response has input-amplitude independent(More)
This paper presents a CMOS transconductor linearization by connecting square-rooter to a source couple pair circuit. A novel square-rooting circuit is proposed for low voltage operation. The proposed transconductance circuit is compact and consumes lower quiescent power, compared with the existing transconductors using the same realization technique. The(More)