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R,R-Monatin is an intensely sweet substance originally identified in the root bark of Sclerochiton ilicifolius. R,R-Monatin salt, commonly known as "arruva", has potential for use as a high-potency(More)
In a combined chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity study, groups of Crl:CD(SD) rats were fed 0 (2 control groups), 5000, 20,000, or 40,000 ppm (2R,4R)-monatin salt (hereafter "R,R-monatin") in the diet(More)
[14C]-Labeled arruva [sodium/potassium (2R,4R)-2-amino-4-carboxy-4-hydroxy-5-(3-indolyl) pentanoate] was administered as a single gavage dose (10 mg/kg bw) to male and female Beagle dogs and 1 bile(More)
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