Witold Woźniak

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BACKGROUND   Cellulite affects nearly 85% of the female population. Given the size of the phenomenon, we are continuously looking for effective ways to reduce cellulite. Reliable monitoring of anticellulite treatment remains a problem. OBJECTIVE   The main aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of anticellulite treatment carried out using(More)
During the first weeks of postnatal development the fetal zone (FZ) of the human adrenal cortex rapidly disappears. Present studies aimed to describe cellular aspects of this involution and to correlate them with apoptosis. Adrenals of 38 newborns and infants (aged 1-240 days) were obtained from autopsies due to accidental death. Postnatal decrease in the(More)
The study was conducted on 15 embryos aged 5 weeks. The primordium of Meckel's cartilage appears at stage 13 (32 days) as a rounded structure composed of fusiform and polygonal cells, which blend with other cells of the mandibular process. At stages 14 and 15 (33 and 36 days) Meckel's cartilage forms a well delineated core of small densely packed cells.
The development of the cervical part of the vagus nerve was studied by electron microscopy in 17 human embryos and fetuses from 18 to 220 mm crown-rump (CR) length, approximately 7--23 postovulatory weeks old. By the end of the embryonic period proper, processes of neurolemmocytes are beginning to invade the nerve bundles of the vagus. Early in the fetal(More)