Witold Staniszkis

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The task of an <i>information integration system</i> is to combine data residing at different sources, providing the user with a unified view of them, called <i>global schema.</i> Users formulate queries over the global schema, and the system suitably queries the sources, providing an answer to the user, who is not obliged to have any information about the(More)
The paper presents INFOMIX a successful application of ASP technology to the domain of Data Integration. INFOMIX is a novel system which supports powerful information integration, utilizing the ASP system DLV. While INFOMIX is based on solid theoretical foundations, it is a user-friendly system, endowed with graphical user interfaces for the average(More)
Knowledge management is a rapidly growing application field firmly anchored in to principal domains, the Human Resource Management domain and the IT domain. As usual in new and rapidly expanding technological areas a dispute arises pertaining to the functional scope and modelling paradigms of the Knowledge Management System architectures. We present our(More)