Witold Olszański

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CONCLUSIONS Multislice computed tomography (MSCT) virtual endoscopy was useful in evaluating mainly post-traumatic and postoperative cases. In other pathological conditions axial images and MPR reformations were most useful. OBJECTIVES Evaluation of cross-sectional images, multiplanar 2-D reformations, 3-D reconstructions and virtual endoscopy (VE) in(More)
In order to evaluate the vocal quality of tracheo-oesophageal (TE) and oesophageal (E) speech, several acoustic parameters were measured in the acoustic waveform (fundamental frequency, maximum phonation time, maximum intensity) and in the frequency spectrum: harmonicity-to-noise ratio [HNR], pitch perturbation [Jitter], Shimmer. Thirteen patients using(More)
INTRODUCTION Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells constitute a small population of immune cells that share functional and phenotypic characteristics of T lymphocytes and NK cells. Due to their involvement in specific and non-specific immune responses, iNKT cells may represent an important component of antitumor and anti-infectious immunity. MATERIAL(More)
Introduction Tumours connected with head and neck comprise about 5% of all tumours. The most frequent histological type of laryngeal carcinoma is squamous cell carcinoma. Different research projects suggest that the role of T lymphocytes might be significant in tumour development. iNKT cells are a new subpopulation of T cells and show cytotoxic activity(More)
Free forearm skin-fascia flap was used in 8 patients for intraoral reconstruction. Tissue defect was located in anterior part of the oral cavity in three patients and in lateral part in 5 patients. In the first three patients microvascular anastomosis was performed first and the flap was sutured in the oral cavity later on. In one of these patients the(More)
The study of registered morbidity of patients suffering from laryngeal cancer in the Lublin macro-region in the years 1991-95 was carried out. Morbidity rates in the population in consecutive years of investigated 5-year age groups were examined. In clinical investigations the conditions of clinical advancement of the disease in particular organs was(More)
Investigations of larynx cancer rate of Lublin population were carried out in the years 1991-1994. Factors of the community rates in each year and in five-years age group were determined. 681 suffering people were examined clinically. The clinical stage and degree of organ involvement were appointed.
INTRODUCTION Surgical treatment of patients with laryngeal or/and hypopharyngeal cancer is combined with potential risk of complications either local and general. The aim of the study was to evaluate the occurrence of them in the large cohort of patients with mentioned localization of cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS The group of 447 patients, treated between(More)
Free forearm skin flap with microvascular anastomosis was used for tissue defect reconstruction in 4 patients after resection of the oropharynx, base of the tongue and ramus of the mandible. The vascular pedicle of the flap contained the radial artery and the cephalic vein. For microvascular anastomosis the facial artery was used in all the patients, the(More)