Witold Kucza

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The numerical simulations of steady-state potentials and impedance spectra of ion-selective membranes electrodes (ISEs) with ionic sites are presented. The set of Nernst–Planck–Poisson and continuity equations is solved numerically by means of the finite difference method and the Rosenbrock solver. Transient and steady-state solutions for ion-selective(More)
The detection limit of ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) is of great interest because of the many possible practical applications of ISEs in trace analysis. Existing theoretical interpretations of the detection limit of ISEs are restricted by severe assumptions such as steady-state and electroneutrality, which hamper theorizing on this problem. For this(More)
A numerical solution of the uniform dispersion model in cylindrical channels at low Fourier numbers is presented. The presented setup allowed to eliminate experimental non-idealities interfering the laminar flow. Double-humped responses measured in a flow injection system with impedance detection agreed with those predicted by theory. Simulated(More)
Stochastic and deterministic simulations of dispersion in cylindrical channels on the Poiseuille flow have been presented. The random walk (stochastic) and the uniform dispersion (deterministic) models have been used for computations of flow injection analysis responses. These methods coupled with the genetic algorithm and the Levenberg-Marquardt(More)
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