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The objectives of the work included: presentation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and fractal analysis based approach to comparison of dosage forms of different composition, structure, and assessment of the influence of the compositional factors i.e., matrix type, excipients etc., on properties and performance of the dosage form during drug dissolution.(More)
Three dimensional printing technology is gaining in importance because of its increasing availability and wide applications. One of the three dimensional printing techniques is Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) which works on the basis of hot melt extrusion-well known in the pharmaceutical technology. Combination of fused deposition modelling with(More)
Coherent second-harmonic radiation has been generated in atomic zinc vapor at 1792.5 and 1601 A from the 5(1)S(0)and 4(1)D(2) states, respectively, by two-photon resonance enhancement. Measurements of the ratio of second-to third-harmonic generation suggest the occurrence of static electric fields of ~5 kV/cm. These fields are caused by ionization of ~2% of(More)
In this paper, we investigated the molecular mobility and physical stability of amorphous bicalutamide, a poorly water-soluble drug widely used in prostate cancer treatment. Our broadband dielectric spectroscopy measurements and differential scanning calorimetry studies revealed that amorphous BIC is a moderately fragile material with a strong tendency to(More)
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), through its Analogue Missions program, supported a microrover-based analogue mission designed to simulate a Mars rover mission geared toward identifying and characterizing methane emissions on Mars. The analogue mission included two, progressively more complex, deployments in open-pit asbestos mines where methane can be(More)
The aim of the study is to present the concept of novel method for fast screening of enteric coating compositions properties without the need of preparation of tablets batches for fluid bed coating. Proposed method involves evaluation of enteric coated model tablets in specially designed testing cell with application of MRI technique. The results obtained(More)
Taurine, the most abundant free amino acid in leukocyte cytosol traps hypohalous acids (HOCl and HOBr) to produce N-chlorotaurine (taurine chloramine, NCT and N-bromotaurine (taurine bromamine, Tau-NHBr,) respectively. Both haloamines show anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. However, the therapeutic applicability of Tau-NHBr is limited due to(More)
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