Witold Jacak

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In heterogeneous system design, partitioning of the functional specifications into hardware (HW) and software (SW) components is an important procedure. Often, an HW platform is chosen, and the SW is mapped onto the existing partial solution, or the actual partitioning is performed in an ad hoc manner. The partitioning approach presented here is novel in(More)
In this paper we present results of empirical research work done on the data based identification of estimation models for cancer diagnoses: Based on patients' data records including standard blood parameters, tumor markers, and information about the diagnosis of tumors we have trained mathematical models for estimating cancer diagnoses. Several data based(More)
Workflows are used nowadays in different areas of application. Emergency services are one of these areas where explicitly defined workflows help to increase traceability, control, efficiency, and quality of rescue missions. In this paper, we introduce a generic workflow model for describing fire fighting operations in different scenarios. Based on this(More)
Tumor markers are substances that are found in blood, urine, or body tissues and that are used as indicators for tumors; elevated tumor marker values can indicate the presence of cancer, but there can also be other causes. We have used a medical database compiled at the blood laboratory of the General Hospital Linz, Austria: Several blood values of(More)
In this paper we describe the use of evolutionary algorithms for the selection of relevant features in the context of tumor marker modeling. Our aim is to identify mathematical models for classifying tumor marker values AFP and CA 15-3 using available patient parameters; data provided by the General Hospital Linz are used. The use of evolutionary algorithms(More)
In this paper we describe the use of tumor marker estimation models in the prediction of tumor diagnoses. In previous work we have identified classification models for tumor markers that can be used for estimating tumor marker values on the basis of standard blood parameters. These virtual tumor markers are now used in combination with standard blood(More)