Witold Czarnecki

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A new tendency in the design of modern signal processing methods is the creation of hybrid algorithms. This paper gives an overview of different signal processing algorithms situated halfway between Markovian and neural paradigms. A new systematic way to classify these algorithms is proposed. Four specific classes of models are described. The first one is(More)
Time-reversal technique is more often applied in ultrawideband remote sensing. Its use is limited to the media in which the wave equations invariance condition is satisfied, i.e. a lossless and non-dispersion media. However, the loss (conductive) and dispersive media often occur in nature and are the subject of increasing attention. An example of such media(More)
This tutorial-style article presents the novel concept of time-reversal-based airborne ground penetrating radar (TR-AGPR) and its application for soil imaging and gives a brief description of the time-reversal synthetic aperture radar SAR (TRSAR) focusing algorithm. The intent of this article is to answer the question as to whether the time-reversal based(More)
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