Wissam Mallouli

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The complexity and the variety of the deployed time dependent systems, as well as the high degree of reliability required for their global functioning, justify the care provided to the design of the best possible tests. Moreover,it is significant to automate these steps with an aim of reducing the time and the development cost and especially of increasing(More)
Nowadays, security policies are the key point of every modern infrastructure. The specification and the testing of such policies are the fundamental steps in the development of a secure system since any error in a set of rules is likely to harm the global security. To address both challenges, we propose a framework to specify security policies and test(More)
This paper presents a methodology and a set of tools for the modelling, validation and testing of Web service composition, conceived and developed within the French national project WebMov. This methodology includes several modelling techniques, based mainly on some variations of Timed Extended Finite State Machines (TEFSM) formalism, which provide a formal(More)
The service-oriented approach is becoming more and more popular to integrate highly heterogeneous systems. Web services are the natural evolution of conventional middleware technologies to support Web-based and enterprise level integration. Formal testing of such Web-based technology is a key point to guarantee its reliability. In this paper, we choose a(More)
Formal methods are very useful in software industry and are becoming of paramount importance in practical engineering techniques. They involve the design and the modeling of various system aspects expressed usually through different paradigms. In this paper, we propose to combine two modeling formalisms in order to express both functional and security timed(More)
To achieve a meaningful business goal, Web services are combined and connected together based on a predefined workflow. In this distributed configuration, tasks are executed by different entities usually managed by different business partners which makes the security monitoring of the whole business process complex. Indeed, the application of classical(More)
Security and reliability are of paramount importance in designing and building real-time systems because any security failure can put the public and the environment at risk. In this paper, we propose a framework to take timed security requirements into account from the design stage of the system building. Our approach consists of two main steps. First, the(More)
This paper is devoted to the problem of evaluating the quality of experience (QoE) for a given multi-media service based on the values of service parameters such as QoS indicators. This paper proposes to compare two self learning approaches for predicting the QoE index, namely the approach based on logic circuit learning and the approach based on fuzzy(More)