Wissam El-Beaino

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology used for automatic identification of objects, people, and virtually anything one can think of. Applications of RFID technology are expanding and its usage has been adopted worldwide. As such, major efforts have been made to secure the communications in RFID systems and to protect them from various(More)
The recent trend towards energy-efficient and environment-aware network operations has mandated the development of novel green network planning paradigms. In this context, while existing work focused on developing reactive energy reduction techniques after complete network deployment, this paper presents a proactive green radio network planning (RNP)(More)
The continuing growth in demand for better mobile experience, higher data rates and lower latencies is driving the development of the forthcoming generation of wireless systems, namely, 5G. Radio network planning (RNP) is one of the essential stages in deploying a wireless network that meets certain coverage, capacity and quality of service (QoS)(More)
Energy is becoming a main concern nowadays due to the increasing demands on natural energy resources. Base stations (BSs) consume up to 80% of the total energy expenditure in a cellular network. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a green radio network planning (RNP) approach by jointly optimizing the number of active BSs and the BS on/off switching(More)
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