Wissam Chedid

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Department/Date iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank all my professors and faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. In particular, I want to gratefully acknowledge the help of my advisor Dr. CHANSU YU and his support throughout this challenging thesis. iv ABSTRACT The quest for enhancing microprocessor speed and integration has(More)
In this paper we describe different power management techniques aiming to reduce power consumption in computer systems. On one hand, static techniques, applied at design time, have been presented with a variety of simulation and measurement tools, targeting different levels of the system’s hardware and software components. On the other hand, dynamic power(More)
Reducing power consumption has become a major challenge in the design and operation of today’s computer systems. This chapter describes different techniques addressing this challenge at different levels of system hardware, such as CPU, memory, and internal interconnection network, as well as at different levels of software components, such as compiler,(More)
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