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In this paper, we present a general method to calculate the inverse and direct dynamic models of parallel robots. The models are expressed in a closed form by a single equation in which all the elements needed are expressed. The solution is given in terms of the dynamic models of the legs, the dynamics of the platform and some Jacobian matrices. The(More)
This paper presents closed form solutions for the inverse and direct dynamic models of the Gough-Stewart parallel robot. The models are obtained in terms of the Cartesian dynamic model elements of the legs and of the Newton-Euler equation of the platform. The final form has an interesting and intuitive physical interpretation. The base inertial parameters(More)
― This paper presents the dynamic modeling of a continuous three-dimensional swimming eel-like robot. The modeling approach is based on the " geometrically exact beam theory " and on that of Newton-Euler, as it is well known within the robotics community. The proposed algorithm allows us to compute the robot's Galilean movement and the control torques as a(More)