Wiranto Herry Utomo

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This paper examined the business models of cloud computing and its services that appropriate with custumers needs in developing countries especially in Indonesia. The research was carried out through comparative analysis processes of the types of services that were offered by the cloud computing providers in Indonesia. It included the cloud computing(More)
The purpose of this research are 1) build a new method of SOAbased integration by combining SOAD and MDA, 2) validate the new method by testing the applicability of the SOA-based integration (eShop applications) using Web Service, Enterprise Service Bus, and Business Process Execution Language. The results of this research are a new method of SOA-based(More)
Recently, the role and development of information technology especially the internet, gives impact and influence in social relationship especially for social network site services users. The impact and influence the use of Internet which is related to exchange information and knowledge sharing still become one of the interesting topics to be researched.(More)
The paper is tell about how to measure the potential of students' academic skills by using the parameter values and the area by using clustering analysis comparing two algorithms, algorithm K-Means and Farthest First algorithm. The data used in this paper is the student data of private universities in Indonesia. Tools that used in this study is Weka(More)
Database Binding Component is a Java Business Integration component that provides database operations as services. The services exposed by Database Binding Component are actually SQL operations on tables. Database Binding Component exposes both DML and DDL operations as web services (Insert, Update, Delete, Find (Select) and Poll (Select Inbound)). This(More)
Social interaction is an important component in our lives. Social Network Analysis is a technique used today to describe and model the social interaction. The purpose of this study was to map the patterns in the learning process in the LPIA Tambun using Social Network Analysis. To identify the relationship of the actors and central actors in the network,(More)
The aim of this research is to identify spatial pattern of food insecurity based on neighbors analysis concept by using Moran’s I Method. Besides it, this research is to know whether neighbors analysis concept can be used to be the correlation indicator spatially for food insecurity in an area compared to another area. From FSVA, 2009, the research used(More)
Misalignment between business process and information system is common in many organizations. Typically, the efforts to correct this misalignment do not bring results because of two factors: 1) the complexity of the information technology architecture derived from heterogeneous applications built on different architecture, programming languages, and(More)
Integration is a difficult task. This research focuses on the SOA approach to integration of applications, using web services, and will be implemented using Java Business Integration (JBI). The JBI platform allows software vendors to provide services that can be invoked by external components using different protocols. In this research, we composed the(More)
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