Wipawee Paulsson

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We explore whether off-the-shelf accounting solutions are used or not used in management control. This study explores the usage of accounting solutions such as ERP, " hybrid ERP " , and " best-of-breed " (BoB). Previous research highlights the problem that ERP has a " moderate " impact on management control but no study addresses whether hybrid ERP and BoB(More)
This paper investigates the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system use in budgeting in order to explain how and why ERP system are used or not used in budgeting practices. Budgeting is considered as a social phenomenon which requires flexibility for decision-making and integration for management controls. The analysis at the activity levels, guided by(More)
The central departing point of this dissertation comes from a review of academic and practitioner publications. It is depicted that the academic contribution on how IS technology is used to support budgeting is few. Most available research concentrates on the ERP system. It does not mention other IS technologies like business intelligence (BI) and(More)
In this paper we describe and explain how and why spreadsheets are used in budgeting from a dialectic process theory perspective. It starts from the assumption that organizations in the new information age face a tension in a decision-making process between local and organizational levels. To describe this, budgeting is used to represent a decision-making(More)
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