Wioletta Szczurek

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The effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid isomers (CLA) on growth performance, carcass composition, fatty acid composition of adipose and muscle tissues, and serum lipoproteins was investigated in broiler chickens. A total of 160 (eighty male and eighty female) chickens were allocated to four dietary treatments (0.0, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 % CLA) and fed a(More)
The increasing number of end-stage heart failure patients eligible for heart transplant and the disproportionately low number of donor hearts have led to increased interest in ventricular assist devices (VAD). These devices can be used as a bridge to decision, bridge to recovery, or bridge to candidacy. The main advantage of mechanical circulatory support(More)
INTRODUCTION Propofol is an intravenous sedative-hypnotic agent that is commonly used to induce and maintain general anaesthesia. This drug has antioxidant properties, which are partly caused by a phenolic structure similar to α-tocopherol. The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of propofol on the level of oxidative stress biomarkers in the frontal(More)
Introduction Diabetes mellitus (DM) and heart failure (HF) are two common diseases that often co-exist. Aim To explore clinical characteristics, management strategies and rates of 3-year mortality among diabetic and non-diabetic patients hospitalised in a highly specialized interventional cardiology centre. Material and methods We used data from(More)
INTRODUCTION    An increasing number of ambulatory patients are placed on orthotopic heart transplantation (OHT) waiting lists, which results in an extended waiting time and a higher mortality rate. OBJECTIVES    The aim of this study was to identify the factors associated with reduced survival during a 1‑year follow‑up in patients with end‑stage heart(More)
BACKGROUND The evaluation of prognosis and determination of a long-term treatment strategy is an important element of management in patients with heart failure (HF). METHODS The aim of the study was to determine the prognostic value of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) and its modifications, MELD and serum sodium (MELD-Na) and MELD excluding(More)
Propofol (2,6-diisopropylphenol) is a popular anaesthetic agent with antioxidant properties. The aim of the study was to assess the oxidant-antioxidant system parameters of particular organs (liver, kidney, heart, and lungs) in response to propofol administered to rats with Parkinson's disease and to healthy ones. The experiment was performed using 32(More)
BACKGROUND The Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) scoring system incorporating a combination of hepatic and renal laboratory parameters does not adequately reflect the degree of multi-organ dysfunction in patients with heart failure, who need oral anticoagulation. In order to exclude the impact of oral anticoagulation on the international normalized(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinson's disease is caused by the destruction of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra of the midbrain. One of the possible factors involved in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease is impaired oxidativeantioxidative balance. OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to evaluate selected parameters of the liver oxidative-antioxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) still remains to be one of the most important limiting factors for heart transplant recipients' long-term survival. The aim of our study was to identify the perioperative risk factors impacting the occurrence of CAV during the long-term follow-up. METHODS We retrospectively analysed the data from 198(More)