Wioletta Kubicka

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CTLA-4 molecule is an important inhibitor of T-lymphocyte activation. Several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the CTLA-4 gene were found, and their associations with many human diseases were described. So far, however, such studies have not been performed in psoriasis vulgaris in Caucasoids. Therefore, we examined the distribution of three CTLA-4(More)
Association of psoriasis vulgaris with HLA-C is not equally strong in different human populations. It has not yet been studied in Polish patients at DNA level, but only by serology that is inadequate for HLA-C. Therefore, we examined the distribution of HLA-C alleles by means of low resolution PCR-SSP in 102 Polish psoriatics and 123 healthy controls. We(More)
The leukocyte immunoglobulinlike receptor (LILRA3; ILT6) gene is localized on human chromosome 19 in the region 19q13.4, in the leukocyte receptor complex that encodes leukocyte receptors LILR (ILT/LIR), killer cell immunoglobulinlike receptors (KIR), LAIR, Fc IgA receptor, and others. The biologic role of the LILRA3 molecule and the nature of its ligand(More)
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