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Sahais is gratefully acknowledged. We also thank IMS Health Incorporated for their generous support and access to their data. The statements, findings, conclusions, views, and opinions contained and expressed herein are not necessarily those of IMS Health Incorporated or any of its affiliated or subsidiary entities. The statements, findings, conclusions,(More)
PURPOSE We report a case demonstrating the importance of trial fitting before the dispensing of prescription contact lenses. METHODS The patient was an 18-year-old computer-using experienced hydrogel lens wearer who ran out of contact lens supply. The patient purchased a brand new box of daily disposable lenses from a retail store having known his back(More)
Almost 150 years after the first autologous blood transfusion was reported, intraoperative blood salvage has become an important method of blood conservation. The primary goal of autologous transfusion is to reduce or avoid allogeneic red blood cell transfusion and the associated risks and costs. Autologous salvaged blood does not result in immunological(More)
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