Winston T. Lin

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The relationship between user participation and information system (IS) success has drawn attention from researchers for some time. It is assumed that strong participation of future users in the design of IS would lead to successful outcomes in terms of more IS usage, greater user acceptance, and increased user satisfaction. However, in spite of this, much(More)
Passive transfer models were developed to evaluate the ability of antibodies generated in cynomolgus macaques and humans vaccinated with a recombinant plague vaccine (rF1V) to protect naïve Swiss Webster mice against pneumonic plague. Development of the passive transfer model is intended to support clinical and nonclinical development of the rF1V vaccine.(More)
One of the difficult challenges facing management and researchers today is how to justify costly investments in information technology (IT). This paper presents an approach to investigating the effects of IT on technical efficiency in a firm’s production process through a two-stage analytical study with a firm-level data set. In the first stage, a(More)
Economic analysis of the hardware characteristics of the personal computer segment of the microcomputer market indicates that the variables that most affect cost are the bundle of attributes offered by the micros. Interestingly, certain technological characteristics found to be important explanatory variables for cost in larger computers were not found to(More)