Winston R. Moore

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We have isolated the first mating type-specific mutants in mucoraceous fungi. Both mutants in Phycomyces blakesleeanus appear to be defective in the same gene. The gene, present in both mating types, is necessary only in cultures of the (-) mating type. The gene codes for an enzyme in sex pheromone biosynthesis. The pheromone precursor made by the mutants(More)
gamma-Glutamylcysteine synthetase (glutamate-cysteine ligase; EC was isolated from an Escherichia coli strain enriched in the gene for this enzyme by recombinant DNA techniques. The purified enzyme has a specific activity of 1860 units/mg and a molecular weight of 56,000. Comparison of the E. coli enzyme with the well-characterized rat kidney(More)
A strain of Escherichia coli, enriched in its content of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and glutathione synthetase activities by recombinant DNA techniques, is more resistant to the lethal effects of gamma-irradiation than is the corresponding wild strain. Although the gene-enriched strain has higher glutathione levels than the wild strain, the observed(More)
A rapid and simple purification of milligram amounts of 2,3-oxidosqualene cyclase, an integral membrane enzyme that catalyzes the cyclization of squalene epoxide to lanosterol, is reported. Several nonionic detergents (Triton X-100, Tween 80, Emulphogene, and lauryl maltoside) were evaluated for solubilization of oxidosqualene cyclase from rat liver(More)
The protease, cancer procoagulant, was isolated from three murine metastatic tumors and was purified to apparent homogeneity (SDS-PAGE) from Lewis lung cells by the sequence of (NH4)2SO4 precipitation, DE-53 anion-exchange chromatography, and Sephacryl 200 chromatography. The murine tumor enzyme has a molecular weight of 68,000 and Ca2+ is required for(More)
The reactions catalyzed by gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and glutamine synthetase are thought to proceed via enzyme-bound gamma-glutamyl phosphate intermediates. We investigated the possibility that S-sulfocysteine and S-sulfohomocysteine might act as analogs of gamma-glutamyl phosphate or of the associated putative tetrahedral intermediates. The D- and(More)
A strain of Escherichia coli enriched in its content of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and glutathione synthetase by recombinant DNA techniques has been immobilized in a carrageenan matrix and used for the synthesis of various types of isotopically labeled glutathione (L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-glycine) (K. Murata, W. A. Abbott, R. J. Bridges, and A.(More)
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