Winston Haaswijk

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Given a set of logic primitives and a Boolean function, exact synthesis finds the optimum representation (e.g., depth or size) of the function in terms of the primitives. Due to its high computational complexity, the use of exact synthesis is limited to small networks. Some logic rewriting algorithms use exact synthesis to replace small subnetworks by their(More)
A Majority-Inverter Graph (MIG) is a directed acyclic graph in which every vertex represents a three-input majority operation and edges may be complemented to indicate operand inversion. MIGs have algebraic and Boolean properties that enable efficient logic optimization. They have been shown to obtain superior synthesis results as compared to(More)
In this paper, we present an improved design flow for nanoelectromechanical (NEM) relay-based combinational logic circuits. Six-terminal NEM relays can be programmed to act as 2-to-1 multiplexers. We can therefore use NEM relays to implement arbitrary combinational logic circuits. Previously, traditional logic synthesis techniques based on Binary Decision(More)
In this paper, we study exact multi-level logic benchmarks. We refer to an exact logic benchmark, or exact benchmark in short, as the optimal implementation of a given Boolean function, in terms of minimum number of logic levels and/or nodes. Exact benchmarks are of paramount importance to design automation because they allow engineers to test the(More)
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