Winsome St John

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AIM This paper reports a study to describe and interpret the meaning of being on long-term mechanical ventilation. BACKGROUND Patients who require mechanical ventilation in a critical care unit for prolonged periods of time are typically sicker than those who are ventilated for shorter periods. Despite advances in treatment modalities for critically ill(More)
In this grounded theory study we explored the process of recovery following total hip replacement (THR) surgery from the perspective of the older adult. In-depth interviews were conducted with 10 patients aged more than 65 years who had been discharged from hospital for a period of 4 to 6 months following THR surgery. Findings showed that three distinct but(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to develop understanding about how a registered nurse-provided care coordination model can "fit" within organisational processes and professional relationships in general practice. BACKGROUND In this project, registered nurses were involved in implementation of registered nurse-provided care coordination, which aimed to(More)
Housing is a critical element in recovery from mental illness. Without suitable housing, people have little chance of maintaining other resources in their lives, such as supportive social relationships and meaningful activities. This study investigated consumers' perspectives on the recovery needs of people who are living with a mental illness, especially(More)
Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EENs) articulating from diploma level to Bachelor of Nursing (BN) studies at university experience many transitional barriers. Flexible credit arrangements can create further difficulties because students may enter directly into the second year of a degree program, thus foregoing supportive interventions targeting first year(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore the relationship between maternal role development (MRD), maternal distress (MD) and social support following childbirth. DESIGN prospective longitudinal survey. SETTING three public hospital maternity units in Brisbane, Australia. PARTICIPANTS 630 pregnant women were invited to participate in the study, with a 77% (n=473)(More)
AIM This study is a report of a study describing mothers' experience of learning that their child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. BACKGROUND Learning a child's diagnosis of disability is a crisis for parents. Their reactions include shock, refusal to accept the diagnosis, anger, fear, and uncertainty about the extent of disability and associated(More)
Phenomenology has been divided into three schools of thought arising from different philosophical assumptions and methods. There is descriptive phenomenology, interpretative phenomenology, and a combination of both. Phenomenology has been adopted as a study method to explore experiences in different nursing fields in Taiwan. Husserlian descriptive(More)
AIMS   To investigate the process of patient satisfaction with nurse-led chronic disease management in Australian general practice. BACKGROUND   Nurses working in the primary care context of general practice, referred to as practice nurses, are expanding their role in chronic disease management; this is relatively new to Australia. Therefore, determining(More)
AIM This paper is a report of an investigation of Australian occupational health nurses' perceptions of their current and future roles. BACKGROUND Occupational health nurses are expected to engage in a variety of traditional curative activities as well as emergent role activities focusing on injury prevention, health promotion, wellness, management and(More)