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In December 1990 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsored a workshop to discuss the applicability of an interim "toxicity equivalency factor" (TEF) approach to assessing risks posed by exposures to complex mixtures of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The group concluded that application of the TEF approach to PCBs would be less straightforward(More)
One unit's staff developed and evaluated an intervention to relocate shift-to-shift nursing report to the patient's bedside. Despite challenges related to privacy, distractions, and integration of nursing technicians to the change, bedside shift report reduced shift report times and improved nursing satisfaction.
The work and position of Epsom College have been exciting a good deal of attention lately, and there seems to be so widespread an ignorance of its true character, that it has been, thought desirable to bring the following particulars into more general notice. It is the wish of the Council that Epsom College should be conducted as a first-rate public school(More)
OVERVIEW For many patients, hospitalization brings prolonged periods of bed rest, which are associated with such adverse health outcomes as increased length of stay, increased risk of falls, functional decline, and extended-care facility placement. Most studies of progressive or early mobility protocols designed to minimize these adverse effects have been(More)
A medical/surgical unit at the University of Michigan Health System implemented a pod nursing model of care to improve efficiency and patient and staff satisfaction. One centralized station was replaced with 4 satellites and supplies were relocated next to patient rooms. Patients were assigned to 2 nurses who worked as partners. Three patient (satisfaction,(More)
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