Winnie W.C. Shum

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The epithelia lining the epididymides of many species consists of several cell types. We have provided evidence that the basal cells are essential to the integrated functions of the epithelium. Basal cells, but not principal cells, and other cells in the epididymis express TRPC3 and COX-1. We have isolated basal cells from intact rat epididymis using(More)
The epididymis establishes a congenial environment for sperm maturation and protection. Its fluid is acidic, and the calcium concentration is low and declines along the length of the epididymal tubule. However, our knowledge of ionic currents and mechanisms of calcium homeostasis in rat epididymal epithelial cells remains enigmatic. In this study, to better(More)
The epididymis is an essential organ for sperm maturation and reproductive health. The epididymal epithelium consists of intricately connected cell types that are distinct not only in molecular and morphological features but also in physiological properties. These differences reflect their diverse functions, which together establish the necessary(More)
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