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A Comparison of Zimbabwe's Rural and Urban Primary School Pupils' Views about Homework: A Case of Masvingo District.
The study sought to establish and compare the views of rural and urban primary school pupils on homework in Zimbabwe, using six purposively sampled Masvingo rural and urban primary schools. TheExpand
The Role Of Language In The Teaching Of Art And Design To Visually Impaired Pupils: A Case Study Of Copota School For The Blind In Masvingo District In Zimbabwe.
Learners who are visually handicapped face unique challenges in the education system or precisely in the learning of art, particularly those who were born blind. Yet with more radical changes toExpand
Responses to Feminist Literature: Lecturers' Engagement with Feminist Literary Texts at a University in Zimbabwe
This article reports on a qualitative study of the views of university lecturers on the feminist literary texts they engaged with at a selected university in Zimbabwe. Through the lenses of theExpand
Vocationalization of Secondary Schools: Implementation Reality or Fallacy?
The study attempted to evaluate one of the recommendations of the Nziramasanga Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training viz the vocationalisation of the Secondary Schools curriculum. TheExpand
Zimbabwe has for the past decade gone through sharp macroeconomic challenges which have left people concentrating on bread and butter issues only for survival. This economic situation is a hindranceExpand