Winifred K Rossi

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Exceptional longevity is associated with substantial heritability. The ε4 allele in apolipoprotein E and the linked G allele in rs2075650 of TOMM40 have been associated with increased mortality and the ε2 allele with decreased mortality, although inconsistently. Offspring from long-lived families and spouse controls were recruited at 3 sites in the United(More)
Research to understand variability at the highest end of the cognitive performance distribution has been scarce. Our aim was to define a cognitive endophenotype based on exceptional episodic memory (EM) performance and to investigate familial aggregation of EM in families from the Long Life Family Study (LLFS). Using a sample of 1911 nondemented offspring(More)
Identifying the factors that contribute to long and healthy life can lead to improved interventions that can help delay or prevent the onset of major aging-related diseases and disabilities and increase the time that older persons spend in good health. Studies on longevity and other exceptional survival outcomes can contribute to this knowledge. The(More)
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