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1. It is possible in mixtures of corpuscles of different groups to separate the corpuscles practically quantitatively by treating with a serum that agglutinates the corpuscles of one kind, leaving the others unagglutinated. 2. After a recipient has been transfused with blood of a group other than his own, specimens of his blood treated with a serum that(More)
To discuss the position of humor in the equilibration of human relationship, I shall build up from things that have previously been talked about in this room. Consider a message of a very simple kind, such as, " The cat is on the mat. " That message contains, as has been emphasized here, many other things besides the piece of information which may be(More)
Gregory Bateson's interdisciplinary work in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology was profoundly influenced by the ideas set forth in systems theory, communication theory, information theory and cybernetics. As is now quite common, Bateson used the single term cybernetics in reference to an aggregate of these ideas that grew together shortly(More)
Complex systems such as Cellular Automata (CA) produce global behaviour based on the interactions of simple units (cells). They are fascinating objects, producing more pattern than a single human is capable of observing within their own lifetime. Their evolution is specified by local interaction rules that generate some form of ordered, complex or chaotic(More)
Many of the older writers inclined to the idea that pernicious anemia is fundamentally a failure in erythrogenesis, but in the light of recent investigation it is more generally assumed that increased blood destruction is the important cause of the anemia seen in this disease. This assumption rests mainly upon increase in hemosid-erin deposits in the(More)
Evolutionary robotics (ER) has been an active field of research for more than a decade, although it has deeper historical roots in cybernetics and pre-symbolic articial intelligence (AI). Walter all toyed with related ideas and, more recently, Valentino Braitenberg (1984) has directly hinted at and inspired much of the initial work in this eld. ER's(More)