Winifred A. Krause

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From 1987 to 1992 stool samples of 3235 diarrheic children at the age from 1 to 14 years in the Leipzig district were examined for Cryptosporidium spp. In 58 patients (= 1.8%) oocysts have been detected. Most of the positive children (= 81%) were less than 7 years old. A seasonal increasing of prevalence was observed in August and in the following months.(More)
All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this e-book may be sold. For distribution (gratis) to libraries or media centers of any middle school, junior high school, high school, Veterinary Schools, or County Libraries within the state of Missouri. The opossum (left) can use its tail to wrap around larger structures to aid in climbing. The opossum (Didelphis(More)
Twenty evidences of parasites were found in 152 stool-samples in comparison of parasitological stool-examinations according to Kato & Miura, Lawless, and Heine with the new diagnostic system BIOSEPAR. Advantages of the system BIOSEPAR: Recording of protozoans and helminths at the same time; not any contacts with samples of examination and reduction of risk(More)
Infestations with helminths of non-European travellers--results of stool examinations 1973-1981 in the region of Leipzig (GDR). In the years 1973-1981 6,530 foreigners from 98 non-European nations were examined helminthologically by means of 15,288 koproovoscopic samples of stool. Altogether 52% of the examined persons were found to be infected with(More)