Wingyan Chung

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A major challenge facing all law-enforcement and intelligence-gathering organizations is accurately and efficiently analyzing the growing volumes of crime data. Detecting cybercrime can likewise be difficult because busy network traffic and frequent online transactions generate large amounts of data, only a small portion of which relates to illegal(More)
Information overload often hinders knowledge discovery on the Web. Existing tools lack analysis and visualization capabilities. Search engine displays often overwhelm users with irrelevant information. This research proposes a visual framework for knowledge discovery on the Web. The framework incorporates Web mining, clustering, and visualization techniques(More)
Research shows that recommendations comprise a valuable service for users of a digital library [11]. While most existing recommender systems rely either on a content-based approach or a collaborative approach to make recommendations, there is potential to improve recommendation quality by using a combination of both approaches (a hybrid approach). In this(More)
While the Web has become a worldwide platform for communication, terrorists share their ideology and communicate with members on the “Dark Web”—the reverse side of the Web used by terrorists. Currently, the problems of information overload and difficulty to obtain a comprehensive picture of terrorist activities hinder effective and efficient analysis of(More)
Nowadays, information overload hinders the discovery of business intelligence on the World Wide Web. Existing business intelligence tools suffer from a lack of analysis and visualization capabilities and traditional result list display by search engines often overwhelms business analysts with irrelevant information. Thus, developing tools that enable better(More)
To make good decisions, businesses try to gather good intelligence information. Yet managing and processing a large amount of unstructured information and data stand in the way of greater business knowledge. An effective business intelligence tool must be able to access quality information from a variety of sources in a variety of forms, and it must support(More)
Event visualization holds the promise of alleviating information overload in human analysis and numerous tools and techniques have been developed and evaluated. However, previous work does not specifically address either the coordination of event dimensions with the types of tasks involved or the way that visualizing different event dimensions can benefit(More)