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In this paper, we present an innovative design of a solder paste inspection device which can be practically integrated into existing solder paste printing machines. Since solder paste inspection systems usually occupy a large space in vertical direction, we designed a mirror box that can re-direct the transmission of fringe pattern. In this way, a new(More)
Nowadays, sign language is commonly used as a communication language for auditory handicapped people. In addition to voice and controller pads, hand gestures can also be an effective way of communication between humans and robots or even between auditory handicapped people and robots. To be an effective sign recognition system, it should be glove-free,(More)
In this paper, we present a novel Movable Gripper (MovGrip) which targets on climbing non-enclosable rectangular trusses such as bridges and space stations. It is designed with a transformation mechanism which provides the features of parallel grippers, rotatory grippers, and active wheels. For truss climbing, MovGrip acts as a parallel gripper which allows(More)
This paper presents a methodology to plan a global path for the gaits of space manipulators with a minimum total energy demand. Different from conventional approaches, we propose the consideration of the motions composition for a manipulator to plan a path. For the path planning problem, it is first modeled as a Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the(More)
In this paper, we present a novel frame climbing robot, called Frambot which aims to climb on non-enclosable rectangular trusses. Frambot weighs only 1.6kg and consists of two grippers connected by a body linkage. For the grippers of Frambot, it provides not only the grasp on a truss structure, but also allows a linear truss climbing motion. Based on the(More)
Localization is one of the key research topics in robotics. Although computer vision based methodologies such as Augmented Markers provides a realtime localization approach, the sensing range and localization accuracy are the main limitations for applications. In this paper, we proposed the use of a problem solving tool, TRIZ to overcome these limitations.(More)
This paper presents a new Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) system, in which unique compact and heavy-payload under-cart design, high precision hybrid-mode stopping, modularized software and distributed AGV-caller system, are integrated to provide a reliable and worker-friendly AGV system for the flexible production Une. Besides, the results of a series of(More)
Recently, development of mini-sized humanoid robots with a certain level of intelligence becomes a popular research topic. Because of its small size and light weight, those humanoid robots become more portable and attractive. However, extra difficulties are introduced in hardware selection, mechanical design, motion planning, etc. In this paper, we propose(More)
Recently, the control of telepresence robots is still a challenge for researchers. In this paper, we propose a method to realize a more natural assisted navigation for telepresence robots during teleoperation. Different from existing approaches, the proposed method utilizes an omni-directional chassis which is realized by a three wheels drive (3WD)(More)
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