Wing Yin Cheng

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In most aphid species, facultative parthenogenetic reproduction allows rapid growth and formation of large single-genotype colonies. Upon predator attack, individual aphids emit an alarm pheromone to warn the colony of this danger. (E)-beta-farnesene (EBF) is the predominant constituent of the alarm pheromone in Myzus persicae (green peach aphid) and many(More)
Tumor-associated macrophage (TAM) significantly contributes to cancer progression. Human cancer is enhanced by PPARγ loss-of-function mutations, but inhibited by PPARγ agonists such as TZD diabetes drugs including rosiglitazone. However, it remains enigmatic whether and how macrophage contributes to PPARγ tumor-suppressive functions. Here we report that(More)
Bone metastasis is a deadly consequence of cancers, in which osteoclast forms a vicious cycle with tumor cells. Bone metastasis attenuation by clinical usage of osteoclast inhibitors and in our osteopetrotic mouse genetic models with β-catenin constitutive activation or peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ deficiency fully support the important role(More)
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