Wing-Yi Chan

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We present a comprehensive system for weather data visualization. Weather data are multivariate and contain vector fields formed by wind speed and direction. Several well-established visualization techniques such as parallel coordinates and polar systems are integrated into our system. We also develop various novel methods, including circular pixel bar(More)
A major obstacle in the appreciation of classical music is that extensive training is required to understand musical structure and compositional techniques toward comprehending the thoughts behind the musical work. In this paper, we propose an innovative visualization solution to reveal the semantic structure in classical orchestral works such that users(More)
In most inventory-focused research, system control is achieved through controlling inventories while permitting production levels to vary substantially each period. However , in many rms, uctuations in production levels may be very costly; in some rms it is impossible to vary production levels substantially through time due to the physical constraints found(More)
In this paper, we study a multi-item, multi-echelon capacitated production and inventory system under periodic review. The approach is designed to plan and allocate production of items for which it is possible to determine probability distributions describing the demand process at each location. We begin by presenting a stochastic dynamic program for(More)
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