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In this paper, we analyze several metamorphic virus generators. We define a similarity index and use it to precisely quantify the degree of metamorphism that each generator produces. Then we present a detector based on hidden Markov models and we consider a simpler detection method based on our similarity index. Both of these techniques detect all of the(More)
Current generation DNA sequencing instruments are moving closer to seamlessly sequencing genomes of entire populations as a routine part of scientific investigation. However, while significant inroads have been made identifying small nucleotide variation and structural variations in DNA that impact phenotypes of interest, progress has not been as dramatic(More)
DNA modifications such as methylation and DNA damage can play critical regulatory roles in biological systems. Single molecule, real time (SMRT) sequencing technology generates DNA sequences as well as DNA polymerase kinetic information that can be used for the direct detection of DNA modifications. We demonstrate that local sequence context has a strong(More)
comparison between our approach and commercial virus scanners. I would also like to thank my friends and schoolmates for their technical and emotional support. I want to thank Yue Wang for performing the virus scanning, and Peter Hey for repairing my hard disk after it crashed at the most critical moment. Finally I want to thank my family for their(More)
The gene expression data of a sample is a vector containing the expression levels of many genes in the sample measured simultaneously by DNA microarray. From the viewpoint of pattern recognition, the task of cancer class ification based on gene expression data is a pattern classif ication problem, and the feature vector for the classification is the gene(More)
Colour information in form analysis is currently under utilized. As technology has advanced and computing costs have reduced, the processing of forms in colour has now become practicable. This paper describes a novel colour-based approach to the extraction of filled data from colour form images. Images are first quantized to reduce the colour complexity and(More)
A key assumption of contemporary cognitive-behavioral models of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is that obsessional thoughts exist on a continuum with “normal” unwanted intrusive thoughts. Recently, however, some authors have challenged this notion. The present study aimed to clarify (a) the extent that different types of intrusive thoughts in(More)
Wikis are quickly emerging as a new corporate medium for communication and collaboration. They allow dispersed groups of collaborators to asynchronously engage in persistent conversations, the result of which is stored on a common server as a single, shared truth. To gauge the enterprise value of wikis, the authors draw on Media Choice Theories (MCTs) as an(More)