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Rural–urban transition in China: illegal land use and construction
This paper takes issue with the desakota model developed by Terry McGee by elucidating the illegal land use and construction in the rural–urban transition zone in China, with the additional caseExpand
Chinese Urban Planning at Fifty: An Assessment of the Planning Theory Literature
This article reviews the literature on urban planning in China. The literature has traditionally viewed urban planning in terms of changing styles over time. It was found wanting bothExpand
Spatial practice, conceived space and lived space: Hong Kong’s ‘Piers saga’ through the Lefebvrian lens
Applying Lefebvre’s framework to examine the ‘Piers saga’, it is found that the pre‐Second World War (WWII) piers were ‘conceived’ by spatial practices of a colonial and racially segregated trading enclave. Expand
Land‐use planning in ‘one country, two systems’: Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen
Abstract This paper studies the political economy of urban governance and land‐use planning mechanisms in the ‘one country, two systems’ of mainland China and the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeExpand
The Role of Planning in the Development of Shenzhen, China: Rhetoric and Realities
This paper examines the role played by socioeconomic and spatial planning in the development of China's first special economic zone (SEZ), Shenzhen. More specifically, it analyzes the impacts ofExpand
Theorising urban planning in a transitional economy: The case of Shenzhen, People's Republic of China
Most of the existing planning theories (theories in urban development, of planning practice and justifications for planning) and debates about their interrelationships are derived from the contextsExpand
Creative industries, public engagement and urban redevelopment in Hong Kong: Cultural regeneration as another dose of isotopia? ☆
Abstract Culture-led urban regeneration has been the buzzword of many cities around the world nowadays. There are two related ways to interrogate this problematic. First, it is about the extent toExpand
Hong Kong under Chinese Sovereignty: Social Development and a Land (Re)development Regime
A Hong Kong—based human geographer presents a paper on the city's social development and its domination by land and real estate developers (a state of affairs he terms the "[re]development regime").Expand