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A modification of the new edge-directed interpolation method is presented. The modification eliminates the prediction error accumulation problem with adopting a modified training window structure, and further extends the covariance matching into multiple directions for suppressing the covariance mis-match problem. Simulation results show that the proposed(More)
This paper proposes a double edge-triggered half­ static clock-gated D-type flip-flop (DHSCGFF), which consists of two parallel dynamic master latches connected in parallel and a single half-static latch with clock-gating circuit. The proposed DHSCGFF makes use of a clock-gating circuit to achieve better race tolerance, circuit compactness and energy(More)
Power has become a primary consideration during hardware design. Dynamic power can contribute up to 50% of the total power dissipation. Clock-gating is the most common RTL optimization for reducing dynamic power. By applying Effective clock-gating technique on RISC processor adds additional logic to the existing synchronous circuit to prune the clock tree,(More)