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Motoneuron responses to the inhibitory amino acids glycine and GABA, and the contribution of inhibitory synapses to developing sensorimotor synapses were studied in rat spinal cords during the last week in utero. In differentiating motoneurons, glycine and GABA induced Cl(-)-dependent membrane depolarizations and large decreases in membrane resistance.(More)
Effects of the water-soluble extract of Ganoderma tsugae mycelium (GT), its alcohol-insoluble subfraction (GTI), and its alcohol-soluble subfraction (GTS) on splenic natural killer (NK) cell activity and serum interferon (IFN) production were assessed in mice. Intraperitoneal administration of GT (4-200 mg/kg) or GTI (1-50 mg/kg), but not GTS, augmented the(More)
Cells of short ragweed suspension culture were successfully propagated in a multiliter fermentor. Proteins were isolated from tissue cultures (short ragweed, cantaloupe, marigold, and Ammi) and plants (short ragweed pollen, cantaloupe fruit, and marigold flowers) by ammonium sulfate precipitation, cross-linked dextran gel filtration, and anion-exchange(More)
Cantonese is rich in sentence-final particles (SFPs), morphemes serving to show various linguistic or attitudinal meanings. The acoustic manifestations of these SFPs are not yet clear. This paper presents detailed analyses of the fundamental frequency tracings, final F0, final velocity and duration of ten SFPs in Hong Kong Cantonese. The results show that(More)
Intragastric administration of a Chinese herb, Huang Chin extract (Scutellaria baicalensis George), produced a dose-dependent fall in rectal temperature in conscious rats in a room the temperature of which was 22 degrees C or below. The hypothermia in response to Huang Chin application was brought about solely by cutaneous vasodilatation (as estimated by an(More)
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