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BACKGROUND Opinions vary as to whether operation should be offered patients with coronary artery fistula, particularly to those who are asymptomatic. Published studies lacked long-term follow-up data. METHODS We studied 41 patients with coronary artery fistula operated in our unit in the past 30 years with restudies including coronary angiograms in those(More)
BACKGROUND Ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm is a rare cardiac anomaly and long-term survival after surgical treatment is not well established. This study was designed to investigate the determinants of long-term survival after repair of ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm. METHODS From April 1978 to April 1996, 53 patients underwent operation for(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and compare the two commonly applied models--EuroSCORE and Parsonnet--in our local adult cardiac surgery patients, according to risk factor quantification related to mortality using a risk stratification protocol to assess the quality of cardiac surgical care. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Cardiac surgery centre in a regional(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of diabetes on early and mid-term survival in the Hong Kong Chinese population undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Regional hospital, Hong Kong. PATIENTS A total of 904 consecutive patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgery from November 1999 to December 2003(More)
OBJECTIVE Conventional open saphenous vein harvest (OVH) for coronary artery bypass graft surgery is often associated with significant pain and morbidity. This study aims to determine whether endoscopic saphenous vein harvest (EVH) reduces leg wound morbidity and improves patient satisfaction as compared to OVH in Asian population. METHODS Between March(More)
Cardiac angiosarcoma usually arises from the right atrium. We report an extremely rare case of primary angiosarcoma originating from the left atrium in a 70-year-old woman. This represents the ninth reported case of left-sided cardiac angiosarcoma in the English literature. Analysis of all nine cases shows that this malignant neoplasm occurs more in female(More)
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