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The need for high precision robotic systems has increased in recent years. Examples include automated assembly of complex electro-mechanical products such as disk drives, cameras, and medical devices. In this paper we present an optical sensor which can sense motion with better than 0.15 m resolution while also ooering the advantages of in-susceptibility to(More)
The paper investigates a new kind of controller-the quantized controller, which can give a close to optimum nonlinear control surface. In contrary to the rough control surface generated by the fuzzy controller, the quantized controller can give better and smoother control. The quantized controller is trainable. By using an error function and the gradient(More)
A quantized controller is a model-free controller which can provide a nonlinear control. This paper conduct a preliminary study on using the quantized controller in the Static VAR Compensators (SVC) control to enhance the damping of the power-swing. The test system used is a two area multi-machine system. A severe disturbance is introduced into the power(More)
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