Winfried Wagemann

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We evaluated the expression of MDR1/p-glycoprotein in paediatric tumours using reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), RNA dot blot analysis, and immunohistochemistry on formalin fixed paraffin-embedded material with JSB-1 and C-219 monoclonal antibodies, and compared these three techniques. The expression of multidrug(More)
Bone cysts, in particular solitary bone cysts, are the most frequent cause of pathological fractures in children. However, there is still a great variety of regimens used to treat these lesions. Since demineralised bone matrix (DBM) is commercially available, we aimed to use this material for the consolidation of bones diagnosed as fragile because of cyst(More)
A retrospective investigation was conducted to give an account in this paper of clinical diagnoses, intra-operative findings, and therapeutic results obtained from 453 patients who had received surgical treatment for acute cholecystitis, between 1975 and 1986. The benefits of the approach may be seen from the overall lethality which had been as low as 4.2(More)