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The HERMES experiment is collecting data on inclusive and semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering of polarised positrons from polarised targets of H, D, and 3 He. These data give information on the spin structure of the nucleon. This paper describes the forward angle spectrometer built for this purpose. The spectrometer includes numerous tracking chambers(More)
The reaction · Ô · is studied with the H1 detector at HERA. The data cover momentum transfers É ¾ between ¾¼¼ Î ¾ and ¿¼ ¼¼¼ Î ¾ and correspond to an integrated luminosity of ¿¿ ÔÔ ½. The differential cross section É ¾ is compared to the Standard Model expectation for neutral current scattering and analysed to search for´µ´ÕÕµ contact interactions. No(More)
Deep-inelastic Ô scattering data, taken with the H1 detector at HERA, are used to study the event shape variables thrust, jet broadening, jet mass, parameter and two kinds of differential two-jet rate. The data cover a large range of the four-momentum transfer É, which is considered to be the relevant energy scale, between Î and ½¼¼ Î. The É dependences of(More)
A search for excited fermions ¢ ¡ of the first generation in £ ¤ ¦ ¥ scattering at the col-lider HERA is presented using H1 data with an integrated luminosity of 37 pb § ¨. All electroweak decays of excited fermions, © ¡ ¢ © ! are considered and all possible final states resulting from the ! or hadronic decays or decays into leptons of the first two(More)
The tracking system of the HERMES spectrometer behind the bending magnet consists of two pairs of large planar 6-plane drift chambers. The design and performance of these chambers is described. This description comprises details on the mechanical and electronical design, information about the gas mixture used and its properties, results on alignment,(More)
High transverse momentum £ ¥ ¤-mesons have been measured with the H1 detector at HERA in deep-inelastic ¦ ¨ § scattering events at low Bjorken-© , down to © ! # ". The measurement is performed in a region of small angles with respect to the proton remnant in the laboratory frame of reference, namely the forward region, and corresponds to central rapid-ity(More)
  • C Adloff, V Andreev, +337 authors Cinvestav
  • 2000
Jet production in charged and neutral current events in the kinematic range of¨© from 640 to 35 000 GeV© is studied in deep-inelastic positron-proton scattering at HERA. The measured rate of multi-jet events and distributions of jet polar angle, transverse energy, dijet mass, and other dijet variables are presented. Using parton densities derived from(More)