Winfried Hauser

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Our current knowledge on interactions between runner and runningshoe is mainly based on treadmill measurements. In order to reveal stress load and adaptation on playing surfaces it was necessary to develop a combined measuring device out of 3-D video motion analysis and portable pressure measurement system. By means of a motor driven cart moving parallel to(More)
Murine spleen natural killer (NK) cells from normal and Toxoplasma-infected BALB/c mice were examined for their reactivity against RH strain tachyzoites in vitro. First, the effect of suspending medium on survival of extracellular RH tachyzoites was determined. Optimal parasite viability (by ethidium bromide-acridine orange staining) was observed when(More)
The ability of sonicates of Toxoplasma gondii and of subcellular fractions of the organism to enhance natural killer (NK) cell activity in mice was examined. Treatment of BALB/c mice with the sonicate preparations enhanced peritoneal and splenic NK activity to the level obtained with intact tachyzoites. Similar augmentation of NK activity in A/J, C57BL/6,(More)
BACKGROUND Primarily used for treating malignant pain, opioids are recently applied for chronic non-tumor pain. For the lack of evidence based strategies from long-term studies, opioids are discussed controversially, esp. considering cost-benefit. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to evaluate characteristics in prescribing opioids for tumor and(More)
In contrast to the drop in the incidence of fracture of the lower leg that has been observed in recent years, the incidence of knee injuries has not decreased in skiing. There has even been a relative increase of severe knee lesions and isolated ACL ruptures, prompting us to conduct a comprehensive study of the causes of this phenomena. The goal of part 2(More)
Pressure distribution inside shoes is of great importance for orthopaedic and biomechanical inquiries. Especially in sports, safety and comfort depend essentially on this quantity, which also determines whether a shoe is well suited for a certain discipline. Therefore, the measurement of pressure distribution allows detailed and objective statements about(More)
  • W Hauser
  • 1975
In 1972 a pilot study was carried out to evaluate radioactivity assay procedures for in-vivo administration in nuclear medicine. The plan was to determine the accuracy with which a measured quantity of radioactivity can be administered to a patient. Delivered samples were returned to the National Bureau of Standards by 33 participants. The activity values(More)