Winfrid G. Schneeweiss

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Fault trees show which joint components' faults mean system faults. Fault trees can often be used to determine dependability parameters of systems. Here it is shown that i) binary decision diagrams (BDDs) can also be used to calculate system mean failure frequency, ii) modeling dynamics of fault trees does not always mean Markov modeling, iii) a deeper(More)
Many algorithms for computing the reliability of linear or circular consecutive-k-out-of-n:F systems appeared in this Transactions. The best complexity estimate obtained for solving this problem is O(k log(n/k)) operations in the case of i.i.d. components. Using fast algorithms for computing a selected term of a linear recurrence with constant coefficients,(More)
M. Walter and W. Schneeweiss worked together to form a nice introduction for the novice to systems modeling for reliability and safety engineering. The book is short, providing only the basic introduction of the subject, suited toward the novice. While it is weighted bias, and only scratches the surface of some key topics, it is a very good introduction,(More)