Win Phillips

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Computing with words and perceptions, or CWP for short, is a mode of computing in which the objects of computation are words, propositions and perceptions described in a natural language. Perceptions play a key role in human cognition. Humans-but not machines-have a remarkable capability to perform a wide variety of physical and mental tasks without any(More)
The use of electronic medical record systems raises important ethical concerns about patient privacy and confidentiality, medical errors, expectations of structured data entry by clinicians, documentation integrity, and provider-patient interaction. Clinicians and health care organizations need to define best practices and policies in the use of EMR systems(More)
One might argue that beneficence entails a moral obligation for health care providers and systems to adopt electronic medical records (EMR). But this argument is thwarted because EMR systems are currently not required to meet existing standards of care for health care services. Yet using EMR systems may still be prudent if benefits of adoption significantly(More)
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