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The growing complexity of embedded real-time software requirements calls for the design of reusable software components, the synthesis and generation of software code, and the automatic guarantee of nonfunctional properties such as performance, time constraints, reliability, and security. Available application frameworks targeted at the automatic design of(More)
Embedded real-time applications are often built from scratch on a trial-and-error basis, which leads to sub-optimal designs with latent errors that are not detectable in early stages of use or deployment and often incurs prolonged time-to-market. A new application framework called Verifiable Embedded Real-Time Application Framework (VERTAF) is proposed for(More)
In recent years, people are trying to make consumer electronics more powerful and have started to embed chips in these products to increase intelligence. Therefore, there should be a powerful application program to control the consumer electronics. For the above reasons, a distributed real-time framework and development environment is proposed, which can be(More)
由於新的功能需求以及新硬體的加入使 得嵌入式系統的需求快速增加。軟、硬體並行 開發可以縮短系統開發時間並降低嵌入式系 統開發成本。我們提出一個"可調整的嵌入式 系統軟體發展平台 (TESDP) "來協助分離 軟、硬體開發,同時維持開發平台以及嵌入式 系統平台間的相似性。TEDSP 在嵌入式軟體 發展用的電腦上,提供一個讓嵌入式系統軟體 可以執行的環境。我們為嵌入式系統軟體 (ESS) 的即時控制核心提供一套監視以及驗 證資訊蒐集機制。ESS 與可調適的模擬硬體 框架 (SHF) 在 TESDP 上合作以達成伴隨嵌 入式系統軟硬體更新與演進的系統開發工 作。此一方法,讓嵌入式系統軟、硬體開發可 以同步進行。 我們展示將此一方法應用於一 個車用嵌入式系統:模組式行動通信終端機 (MMDT)(More)
Advancements in hardware and software technologies have made possible the design of real-time systems and applications where stringent timing constraints are imposed on critical tasks. The design of such systems is more complex than that of temporally unrestricted systems because system correctness depends on the satisfaction of functional as well as(More)
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