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The effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) plus conservative therapy (ibuprofen, bite plate, self-physiotherapy) on myofascial pain dysfunction (MPD) was determined. A single-blind trial as done in 10 patients with MPD with subthreshold TENS (frequency 35 Hz, pulse width 100 milliseconds, modulation 50%) compared with sham TENS at 8(More)
An optimal adaptive design for test-item calibration based on Bayesian optimality criteria is presented. The design adapts the choice of field-test items to the examinees taking an operational adaptive test using both the information in the posterior distributions of their ability parameters and the current posterior distributions of the field-test(More)
Marginal maximum-likelihood procedures for parameter estimation and testing the fit of a hierarchical model for speed and accuracy on test items are presented. The model is a composition of two first-level models for dichotomous responses and response times along with multivariate normal models for their item and person parameters. It is shown how the item(More)
The log-transform has been a convenient choice in response time modelling on test items. However, motivated by a dataset of the Medical College Admission Test where the lognormal model violated the normality assumption, the possibilities of the broader class of Box-Cox transformations for response time modelling are investigated. After an introduction and(More)
Posterior odds of cheating on achievement tests are presented as an alternative to [Formula: see text] values reported for statistical hypothesis testing for several of the probabilistic models in the literature on the detection of cheating. It is shown how to calculate their combinatorial expressions with the help of a reformulation of the simple recursive(More)
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