Wim W van de Vrie

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This retrospective study describes patients with loco-regionally metastasized melanoma of the head and neck. All patients underwent a therapeutic lymph node dissection. The 3-year survival rate was 35%. Duration of disease-free interval, number of lymph nodes involved, and extent of neck dissection proved of no influence on survival rates. Locoregional(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Previous studies with PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) in bladder and bronchi have shown that due to scattering and reflection, the actually delivered fluence rate on the surface in a hollow organ can be significantly higher than expected. In this pilot study, we investigated the differences between the primary calculated and the actual(More)
In this article we review the in vivo model systems that have been developed for studying P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance (MDR) in the preclinical setting. Rodents have two mdr genes, both of which confer the MDR phenotype: mdr 1a and mdr 1b. At gene level they show strong homology to the human MDR1 gene and the tissue distribution of their(More)
A 19-year old male presented with melena and anemia. A duodenoscopy revealed no abnormalities, but a small bowel X-ray series demonstrated a large jejunal polyp. This 4 cm large polyp was visualised during peroperative small bowel endoscopy and was subsequently surgically removed. The polyp had the characteristic histologic appearance of a Peutz-Jeghers(More)
BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis is mostly caused by gallstones or sludge. Early decompression of the biliary tree by endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) with sphincterotomy may improve outcome in these patients. Whereas current guidelines recommend early ERC in patients with concomitant cholangitis, early ERC is not recommended in patients with mild(More)
Most anticancer agents fail to induce clear responses in the treatment of colorectal cancer. This can be explained by involvement of overexpression of the membrane glycoprotein, P-gp 170, which is associated with multidrug resistance (MDR), and/or with involvement of ras. Fluoropyrimidines are amongst the few options in the chemotherapeutic treatment of(More)
BACKGROUND Daily observation by nurses of the cognitive function of patients is of high ecological validity because cognitive functioning is observed in a natural setting around the clock. AIM To evaluate why and how geriatric nurses observe the cognitive functioning of their patients. DESIGN Survey. METHODS A self-developed questionnaire was(More)
Patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have a higher risk of colorectal carcinoma, and present with this malignancy at a younger age than non-IBD individuals. In three patients, two men aged 20 and 36 years and one woman aged 34 years, colorectal cancer developed at a young age, following a long history of ulcerative colitis. Surveillance(More)
Background. To assess a patient's cognitive functioning is an important issue because nurses tailor their nursing interventions to the patient's cognitive abilities. Although some observation scales exist concerning one or more cognitive domains, so far, no scale has been available which assesses cognitive functioning in a comprehensive way. Objectives. To(More)