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Plant cell wall invertases and fructan exohydrolases (FEHs) are very closely related enzymes at the molecular and structural level (family 32 of glycoside hydrolases) but they are functionally different and are believed to fulfill distinct roles in plants. Invertases preferentially hydrolyze the Glc-Fru linkage in sucrose while plant FEHs have no invertase(More)
The first 6-fructan exohydrolase (6-FEH) cDNA from Lolium perenne was cloned and characterized. Following defoliation, Lp6 - FEHa transcript level unexpectedly decreased together with an increase in total FEH activity. Lolium perenne is a major forage grass species that accumulates fructans, mainly composed of β(2,6)-linked fructose units. Fructans are(More)
Flooding stress is known to affect root growth and sugar metabolism in plants, but data are crucially missing for Cichorium intybus which stores inulin in its tap root. The aim of the present study was to quantify the impact of recurrent episodes of flooding stress on plant growth, water status, photosynthesis and sugar metabolism in relation to inulin(More)
A long growing season, mediated by the ability to grow at low temperatures early in the season, can result in higher yields in biomass of crop Miscanthus. In this paper, the chilling tolerance of two highly productive Miscanthus genotypes, the widely planted Miscanthus × giganteus and the Miscanthus sinensis genotype ‘Goliath’, was studied. Measurements in(More)
Floral traits have evolved to maximize reproductive success by attracting pollinators and facilitating pollination. Highly attractive floral traits may, however, also increase the degree of self-pollination, which could become detrimental for plant fitness through inbreeding depression. Floral nectar is a trait that is known to strongly mediate pollinator(More)
Fructans are known to occur in 15% of flowering plants and their accumulation is often associated with stress responses. Typically, particular fructan types occur within particular plant families. The family of the Buxaceae, harboring Pachysandra terminalis, an accumulator of graminan- and levan-type fructans, also harbors boxtree (Buxus sempervirens), a(More)
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