Wim M. J. Coene

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A nonlinear signal-processing model is derived for the optical recording channel based on scalar diffraction theory. In this model, the signal waveform is written in closed form as an explicit function of the channel bits that are stored on an optical disk, thereby comprising both linear and nonlinear terms. Its explicit dependence on the channel bits makes(More)
With storage capacities increasing much faster than data rates, fast read-out of content is becoming a bottleneck for the convenient use of optical storage devices. Two-Dimensional Optical Storage (TwoDOS) is a new concept that solves this data-rate problem by using a multi-spot parallel readout system. In addition, the storage capacity is increased with a(More)
Quantitative information about the nucleic acids hybridization reaction on microarrays is fundamental to designing optimized assays for molecular diagnostics. This study presents the kinetic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic analyses of DNA hybridization in a microarray system designed for fast molecular testing of pathogenic bacteria. Our microarray setup(More)
Two adaptive PRML/Viterbi bit detectors have been evaluated based on DVD. They are able to handle nonlinearities. It is shown that adaptive PRML/Viterbi detection can help to improve the tangential tilt margin or to increase the possible density. Keywordsoptical recording, DVD, bit detection, maximum-likelihood sequence detection, BER measurement
AbstructWe present a new coding scheme for DC-free runlengthlimited (RLL) codes. This scheme is based on the combination of two codes, a main code and a subsrituriun code, both operating on symbols of a fixed length n. The substitution code has a special structure, i.e., for each n-bit symbol, there are two possible channel words, which have opposite parity(More)