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The emergence of complex nano- and microstructures is of fundamental interest, and the ability to program their form has practical ramifications in fields such as optics, catalysis, and electronics. We developed carbonate-silica microstructures in a dynamic reaction-diffusion system that allow us to rationally devise schemes for precisely sculpting a great(More)
Buckling-induced reversible symmetry breaking and amplification of chirality using macro- and microscale supported cellular structures is described. Guided by extensive theoretical analysis, cellular structures are rationally designed, in which buckling induces a reversible switching between achiral and chiral configurations. Additionally, it is(More)
Geometrical frustration arises when a local order cannot propagate throughout the space because of geometrical constraints. This phenomenon plays a major role in many systems leading to disordered ground-state configurations. Here, we report a theoretical and experimental study on the behavior of buckling-induced geometrically frustrated triangular cellular(More)
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